Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Just moved in

So I just moved into my new apartment in Brooklyn, NY exactly one month ago, and I am still so overwhelmed by my squalorly state! I've been living out of cardboard boxes and suitcases for the past month and would totally feel like a squatter if it weren't for my bed. That was the very first thing I got, along with my curtains. Meet my Ikea bed, Fjellse and my Ikea window treatments, Trolig and Lenda.

As you can probably tell, my bedding is nothing special and rather dizzing with all of the zig zags , not that anything in the room looks special in the slightest (sigh) but it keeps me warm so it'll stay for now.

So how about a little tour of the sqaulorly room? It's actually not that squalorly since I cleaned and decluttered a ton before taking these pictures.

Currently, this is my "dresser" situation. Don't mind the plywood boards, that's going towards a little DIY project I have planned for later.

On the opposite wall where my bed is pushed against, I have my "vanity" area. Also, meet my furry friend, Eve who is sitting in high style. Literally, the cardboard cat scratcher is full of catnip.

 And lastly, my closet. The doors are sliding which I'm not really a fan of since I can only see/reach into half of my closet at any given time. Also, there's no knob for the frontmost door, just a huge gaping hole which you can see below. 

That's it for now. Really exciting I know, but stay tuned for next time when I share my IKEA bed makeover! That's where those plywood boards will live. Thanks for stopping by!

Until next time,

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